Writ of Sequestration Protects Property

A writ of sequestration is a legal action available before a judgement is given to secure property that is involved in a civil case.

In most instances, this course is taken when a party believes that the property will be sold or disposed of before a court issues a final ruling. A writ of sequestration surety bond allows for the U.S. Marshal or other law enforcement official to gain custody of the property and keep it until the court rules otherwise.

Protecting Property And Payment

A writ of sequestration may be used to protect possession of property that is involved in a legal dispute.

A writ of sequestration may be used to protect possession of property that is involved in a legal dispute.

The majority of states allow a writ of sequestration bond to protect the attachment of the property. Using a surety bond means both parties are being fully protected against wrongful seizure of property.

New Jersey writ of sequestration requirements, for example, fit the basic model for most states which allow the bond. It allows for a party to claim ownership while still protecting the defendant’s right to make a similar claim.

Financially the bond covers the seizure of the property and its securement until a court makes a final ruling in the case.

This legal action also covers placing a lien on property pending the outcome of a trial. When a couple divorces and is seeking to split property this writ may be employed to make sure no sale is completed until both parties agree to price, terms, etc.

Helpful Surety Bond Process

Jurisco provides a fast surety bond process that means a writ of sequestration can be used when you need it without having to wait around. The lawyer-trained staff understand all state writ requirements whether it is for attachment or sequestration.

The cost for a surety bond is going to vary depending on state requirements and the value of the property in question. Jurisco can answer any questions about sequestration or any bonds that can help with the writ action.

A writ of sequestration surety bond can easily be secured today to give peace of mind about property pending the court’s decision.

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