Dealing With An Alabama Lien Bond

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Having a lien on property can be a headache. Worse than a headache, it’s a migraine. A lien essentially locks up property from being bought, sold, or even passed down from one generation to the next. An Alabama lien bond is a type of Alabama surety bond that covers the lien process. When you find yourself in a lien situation, the surety bond experts at Jurisco are here to help make sure you have the best Alabama lien bond possible.

What is a Lien Bond?

A lien bond is a type of Alabama surety bond that covers a lien on property. A lien bond can be used in two different ways. The first is used by the individual seeking to place a lien on property. The second type is used when a defendant wishes to transfer the lien. In both situations, a lien bond covers the value of the amount being disputed.

Picture of an Alabama driveway with flowers and treesOne of the most common reasons for a lien bond is unpaid wages from manual labor such as construction projects like remodeling a home. When a contractor doesn’t pay his or her employees, they in turn have a right to place a lien on the property where the work took place. A transfer of lien bond helps homeowners replace the lien with a surety bond so they no longer have a lien on their property.

Having a lien on property can be very costly. Not only can it cause tax implications, but it could also block the sale of property should the homeowners wish to sell or rent out.

Is a Lien Bond Always Required in Alabama?

A lien bond is not always required. For example, a court can issue an order waving the need for a lien bond. When contractors or other workers seek to put a lien on property for unpaid funds, the state of Alabama doesn’t want a lien to stand in their way. However, a transfer of lien bond where a homeowner is replacing the lien with a surety bond typically is always required.

A transfer of lien bond is a type of promise made to the state of Alabama that the unpaid dues will be covered and handled and that the bond isn’t a stall tactic to delay payment any further. The Alabama surety bond experts at Jurisco can work with you to ensure you have the right Alabama lien bond necessary.

How Much Does an Alabama Lien Bond Cost?

The cost of an Alabama lien bond is determined by the value of the lien itself. In the same example of the unpaid construction workers, the lien would cover the full value of the disputed wages, as well as any related court costs. A lien bond or transfer of lien bond that does not satisfy the state requirements can end up costing clients more. That’s why  it’s always important to work with a reputable surety bond provider like Jurisco.

Let the surety bond experts at Jurisco deliver you the best Alabama lien bond rate possible. Have questions about Alabama lien bonds or other types of state surety bonds? Contact Jurisco today for more information.

Following The Writ of Possession Alabama Rules

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The do’s and don’ts of property seizure are important to know. The state of Alabama lays out their specific writ of possession guidelines. Writ of possession Alabama restrictions allows for better protection for residents in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and across the state.

writ of possession AlabamaCourt Surety Bonds In Action

A writ of possession Alabama bond is a type of court surety bond. Judges require plaintiffs to secure a writ of possession, or writ of attachment bond before the property seizure takes place.

Courts often use surety bonds to safeguard the plaintiff and/or defendant from a wrongful action. If for some reason the court later finds the plaintiff should not have been able to seize the property, the writ of attachment covers the financial damage.

Seizing Property With A Writ Of Possession

Using a writ of possession makes a big difference in Alabama. Seizing property and especially evicting someone can create a tense situation. Having the writ of possession helps maintain order.

By meeting writ of possession requirements, people can call on local law enforcement to ease the tension. The presence of the sheriff’s department allows people to feel safe during what could be a stressful situation.

Writ Of Possession Alabama Guidelines

The writ of possession Alabama statute is laid out clearly by the state on their legislature website. Residents can also download a writ of possession Alabama state form on the site.

A writ of attachment must be served before 24 hours of the seizure or eviction. Not abiding by these time restrictions will lead to a legal battle and unnecessary expense.

Get An Alabama Writ Of Possession Bond Quick

Need a writ of possession fast? Then contact the Alabama surety bond experts at Jurisco. They know how to quickly deliver the right writ of possession  surety bond.

A writ of possession Alabama application can be completed online. For the majority of cases, Jurisco is able to secure a surety bond the same day the application is received.

Court Bonds in Alabama

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Court Bonds in AlabamaThe plaintiff and defendant may require a court bonds in Alabama. To keep the surety bond process simple, it’s important to know which type of bond is required and the best time to use a bond. Discussing the court case with a surety bonding expert will help best determine which type of court bonds are required. You may also find some helpful information on our bonding page.

There are different types of court bonds in Alabama including plaintiff and fidelity bonds. Alabama state law mandates certain surety bonds including garnishment bonds and indemnity to sheriff bonds, while leaving the option to wave others. Clients may need to use a bond at the beginning of a court case (pre-judgment) while others are necessary only after a judgment. For example, a defendant wanting to release a lien on property and replace it with a bond uses a transfer of lien bond. A plaintiff wishing to appeal the decision but not pay a money judgment would need a stay (pending appeal) bond.

Costs of Alabama court bonds vary depending on the type of bond. An indemnity to sheriff bonds would cover the cost of the property seized by the sheriff’s department. An administrator bond covers the value of the estate. At Jurisco, we work with our clients to write the correct bond at the best price even when bad credit issues arise.

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