Don’t Miss the Idaho Appeal Bond Deadline

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Fulfilling Ideal appeal bond requirements isn’t something you wait to do. As lawyers tell clients in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and every other Idaho city, failing to respect the court timeline isn’t easily forgiven. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco understands the deadlines clients face. Idaho bond experts are hard at work to secure appeal bonds with same-day service.

Idaho Appeal Bond Requirements

An Idaho appeal bond is used by a defendant seeking to appeal a decision that typically involves a monetary judgement. Understanding that satisfying a monetary or property judgement before an appeal is heard could hinder the ability to cover the financial cost of an appeal. This is where an appeal bond comes in. The Idaho appeal bond covers the judgement which provides the defendant and plaintiff with the security they deserve to protect themselves against an appeal that is merely a stall tactic.

The Idaho appeal bond requirements can vary based on the value of the judgement and the time limits set forth by the courts. Failing to meet the Idaho appeal bond requirements can result in further legal action and additional cost.

Idaho Appeal Bond Cost

One of the perks of using a surety bond over cash is that it doesn’t take much money to cover the full value of a surety bond. Whereas it takes the exact amount of cash to meet the value of the judgement. And securing that amount of cash quickly is near impossible for many Idaho residents.

An Idaho appeal bond will not cost a lot of money when clients work with Jurisco. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond provider with a team of Idaho surety bond experts who understand the state’s mandates and all the ways to lower the surety bond rate. Surety bond cost should be low and Jurisco makes it happen for clients every time.

Idaho Appeal Bond Questions and Answers

Understanding how an appeal bond can work for you isn’t always so obvious. At Jurisco we think it’s important to listen to questions and provide informed feedback. Do you have a question about an Idaho appeal bond or any other surety bond in the state? Contact Jurisco and get answers to your surety bond questions today.

Florida Lawmaker Want to Cap Appeal Bond Amount

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Florida Lawmakers Want to Cap Appeal Bond AmountsAppeal bonds can be so costly for businesses, So florida lawmaker want to cap appeal bond amount. The cost of an appeal bond is a percentage of the amount of the bond, which is based on the money judgment. When tobacco companies face hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments, the cost for an appeal bond is going to increase. Some businesses make the convincing argument that the cost to appeal limits the ability to appeal a ruling.

Florida put a $50 million hard cap on appeal bonds, for companies with more than 400 employees, during the 2006 legislative session. State Senator Tom Harman is working on legislation to decrease this cap with new legislation. Harman says Senate Bill 1478 would make the following changes:

“Current law requires defendants to post 150% of a judgment to have an appeal heard. In an era of billion-dollar verdicts, businesses are forced to settle rather than go into bankruptcy fighting a judgment they believe is in error. SB 1478 would place a $25 million dollar cap on the amount a defendant must post in order to stay a judgment and appeal a verdict. For small businesses the requirement is limited to $1 million.”

Big tobacco companies have been lobbying for such changes even before they were hit with 9,000 lawsuits in 2009. And while lobbying may conjure up negative images of people with money getting their way, there is some validity to this concern. Over the past two decades, the amount of money judgment awarded against companies, both big and small, have increased substantially. If the process of appeal is limited because of bond cost, that issue should be discussed.

What do you think about placing a cap on appeal bonds? Leave a comment on the blog or email us to tell us your thoughts about appeal bonds in Florida.

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