Securing A Florida Release Of Lien

A Florida release of lien surety bond is a fast and easy way to clear up a lien. Legal action can tie up property for years with a lien. Transferring the lien to a bond takes the property off the chopping block.

florida imageWhat Is A Florida Release Of Lien Bond?

A Florida release of lien bond replaces the lien with a surety bond. Courts throughout Florida including Miami and Tampa readily accept a transfer of lien bond. They do this because a surety bond fully covers the amount of the lien, as laid out by the Florida release of lien statute.

Mechanic liens can lead to a loss of business and or property. In some cases, families who remodel their homes find their construction project has landed their home on the foreclosure market.

Securing a transfer of lien bond takes care of this nightmare.

Release of Lien Time Constraints

Florida release of lien mandate calls for the transfer of lien to be ratified quickly. If the transfer of lien bond comes too late then the threat of property loss remains.

Working with a Florida surety bond expert is the best way to ensure all release of lien bond issues is handled appropriately.

A Jurisco surety bond expert will make sure that all release of lien measures are met. Knowing when and how to notify the court of a release of mechanics lien helps the court accept the surety bond as a swap for a lien.

Complete A Release Of Lien Application Online

Jurisco understands the time constraints a lien can place on an individual, family, or business. Making the release of lien application available online helps make the bond process faster.

Once the surety bond application is received, the Jurisco surety bond experts typically secure the bond the same day.

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