Charlotte Surety Bond for Plaintiffs

A Charlotte surety bond can be used by a plaintiff in a court case on their own volition or by the request of the court. It is important that plaintiffs understand their Charlotte surety bond options so they don’t waste their time (or the courts) or their money.

Surety bonds are very cost effective and can be used strategically by plaintiffs to further their case with the court. Working with the lawyer trained staff at Jurisco helps Charlotte, North Carolina clients understand how to get the most out of court surety bonds.

Types of Charlotte Surety Bonds

There are four main types of surety bonds in Charlotte, North Carolina. While there is a variety of situations where a surety bond can be used that doesn’t mean that any bond can be used for any purpose. Each Charlotte surety bond is designed for a specific purpose.

Probate and fiduciary bonds are used to cover financial action such as executing a will, managing a trust, or serving as a custodian of a veteran.

Permit and license bonds are used by businesses. A title agency bond is a way for the state to protect consumers who need to pawn their title for 30 days. A health club bond is similar in that it makes sure gym members are protected against a bait and switch.

Then there are the court bonds: plaintiff bonds and defendant bonds.

Defendant bonds include appeal bond, release of lis pendens bond, and release of lien bond. In many circumstances, a Charlotte surety bond used by a defendant is trying to undo the action of a plaintiff.

Plaintiff bonds include garnishment bond, distress bond, lost instrument bond, indemnity to sheriff bond, and injunction bond.

Securing a Charlotte Surety Bond Quickly

There’s no time delay when a Charlotte surety bond can help you win the case. Jurisco has a team of Charlotte surety bond experts on hand to make sure that every client receives the highest level of service. This means offering same day surety bond service whenever possible.

By being able to secure the right Charlotte surety bond quickly for the plaintiff, the plaintiff will be able to carry out their requested action. For example, by being able to use a distress bond they can evict the tenant who hasn’t paid in six months and make room for a tenant who will pay the rent.

Finding Answers to Surety Bond Questions

Have questions about how a Charlotte surety bond can help your court case? Contact Jurisco today and talk things over with a North Carolina surety bond expert. If you have a Charlotte surety bond problem, Jurisco is always going to have the solution.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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