Needing a Jacksonville surety bond shouldn’t be a hassle. There are plenty of things to do in Jacksonville, Florida without having to jump over bond hurdles.

Duval County Courthouse serving Jacksonville, Florida.

Duval County Courthouse serving Jacksonville, Florida.

Whether it’s swimming, surfing, playing golf, or just participating in a community event, Jurisco knows clients have other interests. That’s why Jurisco makes it easy to secure a Jacksonville surety bond. Some would say it’s far easier than securing a ticket for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Are surety bonds commonly used in Florida?

Surety bonds are commonly used throughout Florida, including Jacksonville. Not only are they used frequently in the court system, the state of Florida requires bonds for business and municipalities.

Among the most used Jacksonville surety bonds are appeal bonds, lis pendens bonds, trustee bonds, mortgage broker bonds, injunction bonds, attachment bonds, and garnishment bonds.

When is a surety bond required?

The state of Florida mandates certain business to post a surety bond before they begin operations. A seller of travel, mortgage broker, guardian, executor, and a trustee may all be required to secure a bond.

Meeting Jacksonville surety bond requirements is important. That’s why Jurisco offers Florida surety bond experts who understand what is needed in Jacksonville. Working with a company other than Jurisco could lead to penalties and fines for not using the correct Jacksonville surety bond.

Which Jacksonville surety bond can be secured in the same day?

Since Jurisco employs Florida surety bond experts in-house, they are able to offer same-day service in the majority of cases. It is a rare occurrence that Jurisco is unable to process the bond application the same day it is received.

Jurisco works hard to deliver same-day service to all clients. The surety bond process should be an easy one. That is what Jurisco strives for when clients need a Jacksonville surety bond.

How are Florida surety bond rates determined?

A Florida surety bond rate is determined by a number of factors. The type of surety bond, the amount of money the surety bond must cover, the credit history of the bond holder and any special requirements set by the state or court can affect surety bond rates.

Jurisco’s bonding experts know how to deliver a low rate for clients even when they have a bad credit score. To keep surety bond rates low always work with a company that can offer expert advice on a Jacksonville surety bond.

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