Using A Personal Bond In Court

personal bond is a way a defendant in a criminal case can be released on their own personal recognizance without needing to post bail.

Court Holds Defendant Responsible For Bond

A defendant can be released without bail with a personal bond.

A defendant can be released without bail with a personal bond.

The dangers of using a personal bond instead of posting bail is that the individual is held responsible for the full amount of bail should they not comply with all court conditions. A surety bond on the other hand would cover that expense so the defendant does not have to pay out of pocket.

The decision of posting a defendant bond is one best discussed between the defendant, their lawyers, and a trusted surety bond company. Jurisco can assist you in figuring out if a personal bond or surety bond is the best mode of defense.

Avoiding Immediate Payment 

One of the benefits of a judge accepting a personal bond for a defendant is that the defendant does not have to come up with any money at the time of release. This can lead to a tricky situation, however, should the defendant run into any issues such as being late for a court date or missing an appearance completely.

Judges can even hold defendants accountable if they do not meet other court requirements such as seeking treatment, writing a formal apology, or attending counseling. All this depends on the individual case, of course, but it is important to know what a  bond can do, both good and bad.

Determining Bond Cost

The personal bond cost is determined by the amount of the original bail while also considering court requirements, fees, and special circumstances. The Jurisco bond team helps clients figure out bond cost to ensure every bond meets the court’s expectations.

Any member of the Jurisco staff can answer your questions about a personal bond and whether or not it can be used in your case. Jurisco is a nationwide company that delivers bonds quickly and without complications.

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