Seller Of Travel Florida Bond Requirements

A seller of travel Florida surety bond is required for anyone serving as a seller or promoter of travel. Businesses and individuals must meet the Florida seller of travel bond requirements to be in compliance with the state. Jurisco surety bond experts always work to ensure that the seller of travel Florida bond is done correctly.

Protecting Citizens And Commerce

Florida requires a surety bond for any party offering travel services to Florida residents.

Florida requires a surety bond for any party offering travel services to Florida residents.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services requires a seller of travel bond to protect consumers. People take a risk when someone buys their plane tickets, books their hotels, and handles other travel concerns. The state of Florida doesn’t want those people to be without recourse if things go badly.

A seller of travel Florida surety bond covers the amount of money the travel agent or travel service handles. This way if the consumer has a complaint the state has recourse to financially handle the situation.

A seller of travel Florida bond is usually set for less than $25,000 but can often go up to $50,000 depending on the circumstances. A surety bond expert at Jurisco can explain these differences. The main point is that the state doesn’t take kindly to individuals or companies operating without a bond.

Sellers of travel must register with the state each year with proof of a performance bond. Not having the right surety bond is going to lead to trouble.

Florida Surety Bond Experts

One of the many benefits of working with Jurisco is having access to surety bond experts. Florida surety bond experts help clients with their seller of travel needs. They know the state mandates inside and out.

Jurisco routinely handles seller of travel Florida bonds for clients in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando and other Florida cities. Their expertise delivers lower surety bond rates even for clients who have bad credit. It always pays off to work with a Florida surety bond professional.

Securing A Bond Fast

Any individual or business operating as a travel promoter or travel agent must become bonded. Jurisco can often secure a seller of travel Florida bond the same day the application is received. For client convenience, Jurisco provides the surety bond application online.

Call or email Jurisco now to get started on the surety bond process. It doesn’t take long to answer a few questions. Then the correct license and permit bond will be secured. Then the threat of noncompliance will be gone.

Meet the seller of travel Florida bond requirements to remove the turbulence from the travel business.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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