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Handling an Iowa surety bond is easy when clients work with surety bond experts. The Iowa surety bond experts  at Jurisco cover it all including paperwork, timelines, state mandate knowledge, and access to low surety bond rates. No matter the bond requirement, the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco knows just what to do for every client in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Waterloo and all corners of Iowa.

Types of Iowa Surety Bonds

There are four main categories of Iowa surety bonds including a plaintiff bond, defendant bond, probate and fiduciary bond, and license and permit bond.

Both plaintiff and defendant bonds are used in court cases. In the majority of court bonds, the bond is a requirement, not an option left up to the whims of either party. There situations, however, where the requirement can be be waived as long as both the defendant and plaintiff agree. Either way the judge has the ultimate say.

Probate and fiduciary bonds cover actions such as being an executor of a will (personal administrator bond),overseeing a trust (trustee bond), or serving as a custodian of a veteran (custodian of a veteran).

License and permit bonds are for businesses. A health club bond is a type of Iowa surety bond used by gyms to protect members against loss of funds. For example, if a health club closes down in July and you’ve paid for a full membership, you are due restitution.

Finding an Iowa Surety Bond Expert

While there are several different types of Iowa surety bonds, there is no one-size fits all Iowa surety bond. That’s why it’s helpful to speak with an Iowa surety bond expert. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco is well-versed in Iowa surety bond statute and requirements. This means you receive fast, professional service and a low surety bond rate.

It’s easy to get in touch with a surety bond expert at Jurisco. Just call, email or fax and an Iowa surety bond professional will be at your service. If you’re not sure which surety bond can help your situation let Jurisco help. Jurisco helps clients understand their surety bond options and all the ways they can save money by using bonds.

Cost of Iowa Surety Bonds

Iowa surety bonds are meant to be cost effective, not cost prohibitive. Both the state and legal system rely on surety bonds because they are readily affordable. For instance, instead of putting up six figures in one upfront payment, a surety bond can cover that amount with minimal paperwork. Learn more about surety bond rates here.

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