Three Questions To Ask Your Surety Agent

The right surety agent will always take the time to answer questions about the bond process.

When considering which professional surety bond company to hire think about the following three questions and what their answers reveal.

Speak with a surety bond agent today

Speak with a surety bond agent today

Talking About Surety Bonds

You expect a baseball player to know baseball. A surety agent should know surety bonds. To help get a read on whether or not a bond agent is what you’re looking for consider the following prompts:

  1. Can you provide a surety bond in my state?
  2. What are my best bonding options in this situation?
  3. How long will it take before a bond is ready?

If you are dealing with a surety bond company who lacks communication skills then switching to another company before it gets worse is the best idea.

Different Types Of Bonds

There are several variations of surety bonds. No one needs all of them at once and using the wrong one will only lead to headaches and delays.

Working with a surety agent who understands the complexities of each bond and when they are best used is ideal. It will help you secure the right type of surety bond the first time. Without this you may feel a backlash from the court or state requiring the surety measure.

A good surety agent can tell you the differences between bonds. A defendant may need a transfer of lien bond to replace a lien on property with a bond. A plaintiff may require a garnishment bond to garnish another’s wages.

There’s no one size fits all surety bond. Choosing the right one is a must.

Trusting A Surety Agent

Regardless of the situation or business, everything comes down to trust. What kind of trust do you have in the surety bond company you are considering?

Societal trust is a give and take. Doing homework on the company beforehand can make trusting a little easier.

Don’t be afraid to ask a surety agent a question. They are there to help you secure the best surety bond for your situation. If they can’t talk to you then they aren’t the agent for you.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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