Twin Cities Appeal Bond

Need a Twin Cities appeal bond in order to move the case forward? Trying to figure out the pros and cons of using a Minnesota surety bond? When looking for surety bond answers it’s best to go to the experts who understand all the questions.

Why Appeal Bonds are Necessary

An appeal bond is a type of defendant bond required by Minnesota courts. Before raising a fist in fury over the state practice, it may helpful to know that Minnesota is in the company of the majority of states for its surety bond requirements.

The court requires an appeal bond, also known as a supersedeas bond, for any defendant who wishes to appeal a decision. The Twin Cities appeal bond covers the value of the judgement in dispute or the monetary of the required action. The purpose of a Twin Cities appeal bond is to guarantee that the plaintiff’s right to their judgement isn’t impaired by a stall tactic. One of the best ways to convince the court that the appeal is honest in its intent is by securing an appeal bond.

Types of Court Surety Bonds

Appeals are not the only legal situation where a Twin Cities surety bond comes into play. And it isn’t always the defendant that is required to have one. Plaintiffs are required to secure a surety bond when they seek to garnish wages, file an injunction, or evict a tenant.

Minnesota courts use surety bonds because they are affordable and easy to secure. A huge component of a bond’s affordability is that a small percentage (as low as 2%) is due to receive 100% coverage. That makes large sums such as garnished wages easily protected with the right surety bond.

Twin Cities Appeal Bond Requirements

Minnesota takes surety bonds seriously. Failing to satisfy a Twin Cities appeal bond requirement can result in legal action and possible fines and fees. It could also result in an appeal being denied. None of those are good options.

When a surety bond is required don’t try to find a loophole. Trying to take short cuts around state and/or local mandates is a headache that doesn’t pay off in the end.

How Jurisco Can Help

The Twin Cities appeal bond requirements can seem intimidating at first blush. Working with a Minnesota surety bond expert is a guaranteed way to satisfy all the necessary steps. And without any headaches.

Jurisco offers quick and friendly advice. Built out of decades of experience, the Twin Cities appeal bond experts at Jurisco know the steps to take. Let Jurisco help make the Twin Cities appeal bond process fast and painless.

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