Types of Maryland License Bonds

A Maryland license bond falls under another umbrella of surety bonds this time serving predominately business purposes. The state of Maryland mandates license bonds and failing to satisfy these mandates can cause problems for both businesses and local cities.

Types of Maryland License Bonds

A main reason the state relies on surety bonds is because they have the ability to be quickly secured and easily afforded. Maryland certainly doesn’t want to hinder its economy so anything other than a surety bond would lead to delays and possible business relocations.

Among the most commonly used Maryland license bonds are mortgage broker bonds, professional guardian bond, sales finance bond, and seller of travel bond. A professional guardian bond, for example, is for anyone seeking to be a national or state professional guardian. Other types of bonds include a title agency bond and mobile home dealer bond. A mobile home installer can also be required to be bonded. Mobile home installer bonds are similar to contractor bonds required for city projects in that they serve as a guarantee of work and service.

Securing A License Bond

Failing to meet state icense bond requirements can lead to a business having to shut down operations. It can also lead to legal action taken by a city or the state of Maryland. To be successful it pays to secure a license bond right away.

A business is not properly bonded without a surety bond. Before a travel agent begins booking flights or a mortgage broker closes on selling a house they need to have the right license bond. Securing a license bond in Maryland is easy when working with a professional bonding company. Working with a licensed bond expert allows clients to secure a bond in the same-day and receive a low license bond rate.

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