Vermont Appeal Bond for Defendants

Defendants seeking to challenge the ruling involving a money judgement must secure a Vermont appeal bond. The courts take very seriously the issue of having rulings upheld. Without this step the court system would fail to provide a service to society. If defendants can ignore rulings at their whim then what weight does a verdict truly hold?

Why Vermont Appeal Bonds are Required

A Vermont appeal bond is used by the courts to ensure that the defendant isn’t using the right to appeal as a stalling tactic. As far as Vermont courts go, plaintiff are viewed as vulnerable when delays in satisfying the judgement take place. To account for this delicate balance of rights, a Vermont appeal bond is required. This way the defendant can appeal and the plaintiff has financial backing to make sure they don’t lose out on their payment.   

There are scenarios where the requirement to secure a Vermont appeal bond can be waived, however. The defendant can show financial evidence proving the requirement to be impeding their ability to appeal. The plaintiff can also go on record saying they do not require the bond. Regardless of the scenario, the ultimate decision is up to the judge.

Satisfying Vermont Appeal Bond Mandates Quickly

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Understanding All Vermont Surety Bond Options

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