What You Need to Know About A Detroit Injunction Bond

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A Detroit injunction bond is a required surety bond during an injunction process. When a court mandates a surety bond they are serious. A plaintiff wishing to a particular action from happening has to prove to the court they have grounds to do so. Detroit injunction bonds help serve that purpose.

What Is An Injunction?

Detroit injunction bonds are only used in injunction cases. An injunction is a type of judicial order that requires another party to do or to stop doing something. This could be stopping the sale of property or stopping visitations.

There are three types of injunctions possible including temporary injunctions, preliminary injunctions, and permanent injunctions. In each type, an injunction bond is required. This mandate applies to all of Michigan, not just Detroit.

Why Are Injunction Bonds Used?

View of Detroit taken from a high view point, perhaps a helicopter. The buildings of downtown are prominently shownCourts in Michigan, as elsewhere in the United States, use injunction bonds to protect the party on the receiving end of the injunction from wrongful doing. For instance, if a plaintiff seeks an injunction against someone to stop the sale of property, the defendant is at risk of a financial loss if the action is later deemed unlawful. The injunction surety bond covers the financial risk that comes with causing or stopping the action.

Surety bonds are used as a source of protection no matter which type of bond. A probate bond can protect a trust, a licensed broker bond can protect the public, and an injunction bond protects an individual.

Bond experts at Jurisco understand all the Detroit surety bond requirements. No matter what type of injunction a client is dealing with, Jurisco experts can handle the case.

How Long Does A Detroit Injunction Bond Last?

A Detroit injunction bond must last for as long as the injunction. There are scenarios where a judge can waive the bond completely or limit the time it must be valid. Once Jurisco receives the injunction bond application, bond writers get to work determining the necessary lifespan of the bond. Clients can contact Jurisco with any questions or concerns they have.

Don’t let a Detroit injunction bond be a headache. Work with Jurisco and let the bond professionals handle everything for a Detroit injunction bond. Jurisco will deliver the best bond at the lowest surety rate possible for Michigan.

Injunction Florida Bond And Its Use

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Any party seeking an injunction in the state of Florida must post an injunction bond to protect against damages from a wrongful action. The injunction Florida surety bond allows the injunction to be carried out faster.

Florida Injunction Cases

Recently, there have been several injunction Florida cases where courts dealt with injunction requests. Each request is taken seriously by the court.

Injunction Florida cases are common as injunctions are sought against a defendant.

Injunction Florida cases are common as injunctions are sought against a defendant.

A federal judge made an injunction permanent against a dietary supplement manufacturer in Florida. In Jacksonville, city council members are asking for an injunction to be used against Uber until all their drivers properly display car-for-hire identification. Environmental groups even sought an injunction against the state to prevent this year’s bear hunt.

An injunction, the order to stop the defendant (person, corporation or government entity) from doing something or to require them to do something is a powerful legal tool.

Bond Protects Defendant

Part of proving to a Florida court judge that the injunction is warranted and necessary is meeting the requirement to secure an injunction surety bond. The injunction Florida bond covers the financial loss or damages the defendant may suffer should the move later be deemed wrongful.

In the cases of the dietary supplement company and Uber the state of Florida requires that those companies deserve protection as much as any other defendant would. While the injunction against Uber has yet to be finalized, the ruling against the dietary supplement company is in effect which means a surety bond is protecting against financial loss.

Meeting State Requirements

The injunction requirements mirror what other states mandate in their court proceedings. Plaintiffs have the right to seek an injunction as much as the defendant has the right to be guarded against wrongful action by an injunction Florida bond.
Do you have a question about an injunction Florida action and surety bond requirement for the state? The staff working right now at Jurisco can help secure an injunction Florida bond quickly. We have the trusted experience needed to handle any and all surety bond situations in Florida for injunctions.

Construction Injunction Bonds in California

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Construction Injunction Bonds in CaliforniaHave you ever heard the acronym “NIMBY” before?  In case not, it stands for “Not in My Backyard”, and is a pejorative term for activist neighbors or communities that staunchly oppose some new development on often spurious grounds.  “Want to build a park? Well, not in my backyard.  It will attract too many teens and they will do serious harm to my quality of life”  And so forth.  Not all claims are spurious, of course, and sometimes lawsuits are necessary stop construction before claimants suffer greater harm.  In California courts, the only effective way to get immediate relief before the suit goes to court is to file a Preliminary Injunction.  And to do so, a claimant in California must post an Injunction Bond.

An example of this scenario, where NIMBY-ism was taken to the extreme, is found in a New York Times article written by Allison Arieff.  (See LINK for full article).  In the article Ms. Arieff describes how a small group of concerned residents halted construction of a house because they didn’t like the look of it (this is a simplified summary).

So construction was halted, what’s the big deal? Why the need for an injunction bond?  Well, the fact is that once construction is halted due to a pre-judgement injunction, it is the defendants who are at risk of being harmed.  Construction delays are expensive and there is an emotional distress resulting from being prevented from living in your home.  So,  in this case, the injunction bond is necessary as it protects the defendant from being wrongfully enjoined; the bond bond covers any damages the defendant may sustain should the court rule the plaintiff’s suit is wrongful (we know this definition is correct, because it comes from the Jurisco website!)

There are many scenarios where construction may pose material harm to a neighbor and not just pique their ire over modernist architecture.  For instance,  the excavating of a property causes damage to a neighbor’s foundation and halting construction is the only way to prevent serious more  foundation damage from occurring.   If you find yourself in this situation and you wish to learn more about California Injunction Bonds and injunctive relief, please contact the surety bond experts at Jurisco and one of their knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer all your queries.

Injunction Bonds in California

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Injunction Bonds in California Injunction Bonds in California

At Jurisco,  Injunction Bonds in California, are part of our daily life and a recent post on worldipreview.com (an intellectual property issues online publication) is especially pertinent to our mission.  Before going into to more detail, let me pose a few questions:  Have you ever seen someone hawking high priced luxury goods on the street for mind blowingly good deals?  Or (in case that you’ve never been to a big city) have you ever seen luxury goods such as Cartier, Chloe, Rolex, Prada and Alfred Dunhill advertised online for rock bottom prices?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then you have been exposed to the economy of counterfeit luxury goods.  This aforementioned article (see full post here)  goes into detail on the counterfeit goods industry and the fallout when Lawful Patent holders sue companies sue over claims of counterfeiting and patent/trademark infringement.

What make the case outlined in the article really fascinating is that the presiding Judge of US district court, Central California District, also allowed for the websites selling the counterfeit goods to also be held liable since they knowingly sold hawked products!  Crazy.  And an Injunction was slapped on the websites (named are:  tradekey.com, saudicommerce.com and b2bfreezone.com) preventing them from selling any known fake goods bearing the plaintiff’s marks.

For those know don’t know, Injunctions are defined (by Cornell Law Online) as: A court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action.They are issued early in a lawsuit to maintain the status quo by preventing a defendant from becoming insolvent or to stop the defendant from continuing his or her allegedly harmful actions.  The ‘harmful actions’ in the case of the counterfeit watches would be the selling of replica products known to be fake.  And often an Injunction Bond is required by the court in order for the Injunction to be granted.  The Injunction bond protects the defendant from harm if the court decides in favor of the defendant.

California is a hotbed for Injunctions due to the state being the major place of entry for goods from Asia.  And the surety bond experts at Jurisco are uniquely experienced to answer any questions regarding civil injunctions for the patent and trademark legal community.  For for information on California Injunction Bonds,  please contact Jurisco and their friendly staff will answer any of your questions.

California Injuction Bond

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California Injuction BondMaking a lot of news lately are high profile patent infringement lawsuits coming out of silicon Valley. Clearly one of the biggest (and what The Wall Street Journal termed “The Patent Trial of the Century) was Apple’s suit against rival Samsung. Though this case made international news what a lot of people don’t recognize is that there are many smaller patent infringement lawsuits active in California at any time. The superfluity of new technologies has led to patent and trademark law becoming a very active and vital part of the California legal universe. Many of these lawsuits take the form of an injunction which is a legal mechanism to one party uses to strop the other from continuing a contested action. When technology patents are involved it generally takes the form of one company filing an injunction to prevent another company from selling a product which they believe contains patented technology i.e. screen functions. With court dockets becoming increasingly full of these types of lawsuits, California judges have shown a greater emphasis on plaintiff’s procuring Injunction Bonds. California Injuction Bond protect the defendant from being wrongfully enjoined, a surety bond covers any damages the defendant may sustain should the court rule the plaintiff’s suit is wrongful. The cost of the bond will vary depending on the amount of the lawsuit and state and local statutes. Of course, many times these case decision will be appealed. To understand that process please see the next article.

Jurisco knows that this information can be intimidated. They have bond professionals on hand to answer and questions you may have and to make you feel more at ease with the process.

The Shield Act and Injunction Bonds in California

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The Shield Act and Injunction Bonds in California​New proposed federal legislation would affect patent litigation in California and injunction proceedings. U.S. House Resolution 6245, or popularly known as the S.H.I.E.L.D Act (Saving High-tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes) would require patent holders defined as Non Producing Entities (NPE) to pay for the defendants legal fees if the patent infringement case is found to be frivolous. Furthermore, the act would require all NPE plaintiffs in patent infringement cases to procure an Injunction Bond before the court would hear the case. The Injunction bond would be for the amount of the defendants estimated legal fees. California is home to many of the country’s high tech patent holders and the passing of the Shield Act would change the California Intellectual Property Law industry would be significantly affected. In addition, the Shield Act and would increase the demand for Injunction Bonds in these Civil Court cases. Jurisco is one of the country’s leaders in all civil court bonds, both plaintiff and defendant, and they are up to date on all California Injunction bond requirements.

The Shield act would not, however, change the current requirements regarding Injunction and Appeal bonds in the California. Superior courts are requiring surety bonds for many trademark and intellectual property law cases around the state.

The bond experts at Jurisco will continue to monitor the Shield Act’s progress through congress, and they are available to answer any of your questions regarding these proposed changes.

Injunction Bond in Illinois

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Injunction Bond in IllinoisA home is for sale in Illinois and a potential buyer is ready to close the deal. What could go wrong? Well, let’s say a divorced couple is fighting for ownership of that property and only one party is selling the house. Now the deal does not seem as sweet. This type of situation where one party does something another party doesn’t believe is right (or even legal) occurs almost daily. When it reaches the point where the courts have to be involved, a plaintiff will file an injunction against a defendant to prevent them from doing the contested action.

Illinois courts mandate if a plaintiff asks for an injunction it must be in conjunction with the filing of an injunction bond. Injunction bond in Illinois to protect the defendant from a financial loss if the injunction is found to be unwarranted. Mandating surety bonds not only helps prevent an unnecessary financial loss but false injunctions. False injunctions could prevent the sale of the above-mentioned house resulting in a huge financial loss.

A surety bond covers the plaintiff’s responsibility of damages and losses to the defendant. Since those damages and losses are dependent on the case, the cost of an injunction bond will vary. The district the bond is filed in may also play a role. The presiding judge in Chicago may require a different cost for an injunction bond than a judge in Peoria depending on local statute. Other personal factors, including bad credit, may also affect the surety bond cost.

To discuss the cost of an Injunction Bond in Illinois, or any other surety bond, contact Jurisco. A bonding professional will answer any questions you have about the injunction process and bond mandates.

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