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California is a big state which leads to a wide range of surety bonds used by both State and local agencies, as well as the California Judicial System. There is a long list of California surety bonds but today we are diving into three in particular: personal representative surety bond, appeal bond, and transfer of lien surety bond. 

Jurisco specializes in four main categories of bonds: defendant bonds, plaintiff bonds, probate, and fiduciary surety bonds, and license and permit surety bonds. Our three California surety bonds cover two of these categories. The personal representative bond is a type of probate and fiduciary surety bond. The appeal bond and transfer of lien are types of court surety bonds used by defendants.

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Personal Representative / Administrator / Executor Bond

The state of California requires a personal representative bond to protect the interest of the deceased’s estate, its heirs, and those parties who are owed money. The courts take the responsibility of a personal representative (commonly referred to as an administrator or executor in California) seriously. 

Courts mandate the surety bond as a form of protection for all parties. While the surety bond protects the heirs and creditors of the estate, it is also a protection for the personal representative to ensure she/he fulfills their duties responsibly.

The duties of a personal representative, executor, or administrator in California include the following:

  • Notifying Inheritors
  • File Will in Probate Court
  • Pay Taxes
  • Distribute Property
  • Open Bank Accounts for Estate
  • Settle Debts

Appeal Bond

Appeal bonds may also be known as supersedeas bonds in California. Regardless of the name, they both serve the same purpose.

If a defendant wishes to appeal a money judgment in civil court, he/she/it(in the case of businesses or corporations) must post an Appeal Bond in California for the court to proceed with the dispute.  These surety bonds guarantee the judgment will be satisfied along with court costs. Surety bond cost varies by state but usually includes a provision for interest.

Transfer of Lien

A transfer of a lien surety bond helps remove a lien. This is a type of California court surety bond.

Section 8242 of the California Civil Code deals with the surety bond requirements and procedure for releasing real property from a claim of lien.  The bond in this case is referred to as a Release of Lien bond or a Mechanic’s lien bond.    Generally, liens are filed against real property by a contractor or subcontractor.  However, as an article on the California Construction Attorney’s website shows,  liens can also be filed by design parties as well.  This extends to architects, engineers, and site planners. 

Mechanics’ liens and design professional liens are technical and can be difficult to prove or refute.  It is always wise to see the counsel of an experienced attorney before filing a claim. 

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These three California surety bonds are just a small sample of the available bonds used across the state from San Francisco to San Diego. 

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