3 Things To Know About Texas Surety Bonds

Everything is bigger in Texas. The football stadiums, appetite for BBQ, number of cowboy hats per capita…everything – even confusion about surety bonds. To help clear the air, today we are discussing three things you should know about Texas surety bonds. While we know we cannot cover every aspect of Texas surety bonds in a single blog, we hope this shines some light on the topic and improves your surety bond experience. 

As always, we welcome any questions you may have about surety bonds. If you’re ready to discuss Texas surety bonds outside the blog format you can contact a Texas surety bond expert now.

Texas Takes Surety Bonds Seriously

The first thing to know about Texas surety bonds is that the state takes them seriously, very seriously. Anyone obtaining a surety bond in the state of Texas is expected to do the same. While taking shortcuts works for the morning commute, they are not advised when dealing with state surety bond requirements. 

Texas surety bond requirements are laid out in state legislation and through the legal system where courts regularly rely on surety bonds for a wide range of measures. Surety bonds are used across the state from Houston surety bonds to Dallas surety bonds to each corner of the state. Each surety measure is well thought out and never chosen at random. Regardless of which type of Texas surety bond you need, always make sure each requirement for that bond is met without delay.

Texas Surety Bonds Have A Range As Big as the State

Like with life, there is no one-size fits all solution for Texas surety bonds. Surety bonds cover a wide range of topics in Texas. A defendant in need of an appeal bond? Covered. A health club preparing for a grand opening? Covered. An individual becoming a guardian? Covered. A company protesting the bidding process of a local government? Yeah, that’s covered, too. The world of surety bonds is more exciting than you thought, huh?

For our purposes, the four main types of surety bonds in Texas are:

Surety bonds are used a lot in Houston. Among the most common Houston surety bonds are replevin bonds, garnishment bonds, injunction bonds, appeal bonds, and a release of lis pendens bonds.

Oftentimes a writ of attachment Texas bond is employed in cases where one party owes another money. The attachment or seizure of an asset is used as a way to secure funds that the plaintiff claims they are owed.

A writ of possession is also known as an attachment bond. The writ of possession Texas bond is a surety that guarantees the full costs and damages associated with the attachment. A landlord seeking to remove a tenant, for example, would have to cover the amount of rent owed among other court expenses.

Examples for each category of Texas surety bonds include:

Surety bonds are not interchangeable, even if they do have similar names. For instance, if you are required to have a lis pendens bond, securing a release of a lis pendens bond isn’t going to do you any good. 

They say the devil is in the details. Paying attention to them can save you not only stress but also money. Securing the correct surety bond on the first try may not get you a pizza party but it will help you avoid embarrassment and fines. 

Reputable Surety Bond Company Saves You Time and Money

Knowing how seriously Texas takes surety bonds, and how many bonds there are to choose from, it only stands to reason that choosing a reputable surety bond company is the best decision for both the short and long term.

One common theme we hear from new clients is how they wasted their time and money on other companies before they heard about Jurisco. Some companies may promise the lowest surety bond rates but if they come with shady surety practices, you aren’t going to get far. If you leave the car lot in a lemon, don’t be surprised when you’re at the mechanic.

Choosing a reputable surety bond company helps show the state that you take surety bonds just as seriously as they do. That you are operating under best practices and intentions. 

The good news is that finding a reputable Texas surety bond company isn’t going to take you very long. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond provider with a lawyer-trained staff ready to handle your surety bond needs right now. Jurisco employs Texas surety bond experts to make sure you have what you need no matter where you are or what type of bond you may require.

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