Appeal Bond Florida Cases

The state of Florida sees its fair share of appeal cases. Meaning that their courts accept appeals just like every other state in the country. The frequency of cases let to the appeal bond Florida statute which allows, often requires, a defendant to post a surety bond. A Florida appeal bond temporarily suspends collection of a judgment until after the appeal.

Purpose of an Appeal Bond

A Florida appeal bond can help a defendant have the resources necessary for an appeal.

A Florida appeal bond can help a defendant have the resources necessary for an appeal.

An appeal bond is a type of surety bond that a defendant may use to halt payment on a judgment until after the appeal is complete. When a surety bond meets all the appeal bond Florida requirements it is seen as a sign of good faith that the plaintiff will not be wrongfully denied the judgment.

The best way to show the court that the appeal is being done with purpose and not meant to delay payment is through an appeal bond.

A Florida man seeking an appeal in a ponzi scheme case is facing more than 17 years in jail and a huge judgment. An appeal bond is a resource to him.

Businesses in Florida use an appeal bond to stay a judgment which allows them to have the money to continue to operate.

Appeal bond Florida statute serves as a resource to protect the amount of the judgment while allowing the defendant to seek an appeal unhindered by payment obligation.

Florida Appeal Bond Rates

Working with a reputable Florida surety bond company also provides ways to lower appeal bond rates. The appeal bond Florida experts at Jurisco know how to deliver the best bond at the best rate.

Whether a client is in Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami or anywhere else in Florida, Jurisco constantly delivers quality bonds fast. The appeal bond Florida process can be completed the same day the bond application is received in most cases.

The appeal bond rates are determined by appeal bond Florida statute, the amount of judgment, and associated court costs.

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