Business License and Permit Bond Requirements

Today we are getting down to business. Business license and permit bonds that is. Yes, surety bonds are used for businesses, too. We keep trying to tell you they are versatile! 

Businesses in every state must be aware of license and permit bond requirements. Each state has guidelines companies are legally bound to follow. There are travel license bonds in California, Maryland license bonds, Phoenix license bonds, and many, many more. Spoiler alert: Jurisco is a surety bond company that helps companies secure the necessary license and permit bonds to operate as a business.

Does A Business Need A Surety Bond?

States use surety bonds as a way to protect consumers of the state against fraud or mishandling of funds by a business. Companies are required to be bonded by the state they are located in, as well as the states they offer services in.

The following areas fall under the umbrella of needing a license and permit bond for a business:

Other types of business surety bonds include:

Closer Look At Surety Bonds

The reason why a business is mandated by the state to be bonded is to protect against financial freefall.

A seller of travel bond must be secured before a company offers travel agent services. This bond is financial padding for the consumer who trusts the seller with the responsibility of arranging travel plans.

A mortgage broker bond is a license and permit bond required of an individual and business handling mortgages. Again, giving large sums of money and personal information to a mortgage broker comes with a sense of trust. The trust is there because the state mandates a license and permit bond.

Working With A Surety Bond Expert

Jurisco surety bond experts assist clients in determining which bond best serves their purpose.

Bond experts know the requirements for every license and permit bond. From the Florida yacht broker bond to the California health club bond, the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco are well-versed in surety bond mandates nationwide. We also help make sure clients receive the lowest surety bond rate

Contact Jurisco today to fulfill all necessary license and permit bond requirements. 

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