Mississippi Surety Bond Examples

A Mississippi surety bond can be used in a variety of situations. In every area of the state, surety bonds help with road projects, court cases, business licenses, and much more. That’s why Jurisco works with clients in Jackson, Gulfport, South Haven, Tupelo and every other city in Mississippi to make sure they have the right Mississippi surety bond for them.

Categories of Mississippi Surety Bonds

There are four main categories for Mississippi surety bonds including plaintiff bonds, defendant bonds, probate and fiduciary bonds, and permit and license bonds.

Plaintiff bonds include garnishment bond, attachment bond, lis pendens bond, injunction bond, cost bond, and bid protest bond. These types of bonds are used by a plaintiff to cover a legal action they are seeking approval for. For instance, a garnishment bond is the required Mississippi surety bond when a plaintiff wants to garnish the wages of a defendant.

Defendant bonds include appeal bonds, stay bond, release of lien bond, counter replevin bond, and release of lis pendens bond. The appeal bond is one of the most used Mississippi surety bond. The appeal bond or a stay bond can temporarily suspend the judgement during the appeal process.

Probate and fiduciary bonds include an executor bond which is used when a person is overseeing a will. A trustee bond is a similar type of probate and fiduciary bond except instead of a will if they are managing a trust. Other examples include guardianship bond and custodian of veteran bond.

Permit and license bonds are used by businesses. A seller of travel bond is required for any business or person in the business of planning air travel. Yacht broker bond, title agency bond, and health club bond are also types of permit and license bonds.

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