To comply with auctioneer licensing requirements, individuals and businesses must secure a state auctioneer license bond. Several states mandate auction bonds and it is up to the business or individual to know which applies to them. Working with Jurisco, a reputable surety bond provider, allows clients to receive fast, friendly service with the highest level of professionalism.

What Is A State Auctioneer License Bond?

A state auctioneer license bond is a type of surety bond required by a state to those seeking to be auctioneers. Securing an auctioneer license bond is part of becoming a fully licensed an auction house operator or auctioneer. The auctioneer bond is required as it serves as a form of protection for consumers in the state. In the event that an auctioneer commits fraud or breaches a code of ethics, this surety bond is a source of protection and recourse.

The state auctioneer license bond is only one requirement for an auction business. Other licensing mandates must be followed in order for the license bond to work effectively.

How Can I Find Out My State’s Requirements?

Not every state requires an auctioneer’s license bond, however, most do. Discovering if your state mandates a bond doesn’t have to be difficult. Contacting a surety bond expert at Jurisco is the fastest way to learn the answer. Below is a list of some of the states that require auctioneer bonds:

Alabama, California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Even when a state doesn’t specifically require an auctioneer bond, there may be other mandates and requirements that an auction business must comply with.

Is Same Day Auctioneer Bond Service Available?

Jurisco understands the importance of timeliness when satisfying a state mandate. The lawyer-trained staff have the tools necessary to deliver same day surety bond service for auctioneers. Clients can trust that an auctioneer license bond from Jurisco will be the right bond every time.

How Much Does An Auctioneer Bond Cost?

The cost of state auctioneer license bonds will vary based on state mandates, bond amounts, and other licensing requirements. Jurisco works with clients to make sure they receive the lowest surety bond rate possible. Auctioneer bond experts are ready to help clients in every state meet their mandates and save money.


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